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The best compliment you can get is a referral... so thank you! Scroll down to see a glimpse of the amazing feedback we have received from clients.



Client Feedback
Client Feedback
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Client Feedback



"I never realised just how important a Will is and the implications of not having one until Jodene walked us through a well written Will, there was so much we had not thought of. I can now rest easy knowing that I have a well documented will which I actually understand myself. It might not be easy to think of the worse that may come to pass, but making it easier on ones that you leave behind gives you that peace of mind. Thank you Jodene for helping with our family affairs. My Husband and I have used Jodene twice for services and will not entrust our family legal matters to anyone else. Cilliers Attorneys comes highly recommended. If you need good sound advice from an absolute professional then look no further!"

Revel and Duncan Wiggill


"Cilliers Attorneys is just outstanding. I can't recommend them enough. They are thorough, knowledgeable and goes above and beyond with every client giving personal & excellent service. We have used Cilliers Attorneys twice in the ways of legal documents and they have been outstanding every time. Thanks Cilliers Attorneys!"

Karina and Matt Jansen

"My Husband and I used Cilliers Attorneys to draw up our marriage contract and we were super pleased with them! They went out of their way to assist us and made sure we understood every little detail of our contract. Jodene was very kind and super helpful. What a gem! Thanks again Cilliers Attorneys"

Melenie-Ann and Paul Dale

"Jodene Cilliers is professional and caring. She really listened to us, and understood the needs of our family. She took her time in getting to know us and has been available to answer questions at any moment. Her work is detailed, and she takes the whole family into consideration. I highly recommend her services to anyone who wants their attorney to walk the extra mile with them."

Craig and Kirsten Miller


"We recently used Cilliers Attorneys to get our affairs in order. I was very happy with the advice and service received and will definitely recommend their services."

Frans & Katarina Coetzer

Jodene assisted with my sister's antenuptual contract a little while ago. My sister is based in Dubai and was getting married in P.E, with less than 24 hours to spare in JHB during transit, so I was stressing about the logistics of signing documents, etc. and making sure it all happened in time for the wedding. Jodene just made it happen and with such ease and professionalism, was just a weight off our shoulders so that we could just focus on the fun stuff! Thanks Jo!"

Karyn Davey

"Unbelievable and truly the most amazing service, helping us (after hours) to set up family documents so quickly and professionally. We will definitely recommend Cilliers Attorneys to everyone we know"

David and Michelle Stanton


"Had fabulous service from Cilliers attorneys for

our Wills and antemuptial contract.

I highly recommend Cilliers Attorneys."

Helen Talbot

"You guys are fantastic! Thank you so much!"

Tarryn Kirton

"I would like to thank Cilliers Attorneys for doing a thorough and professional job on my Power of Attorney and Last Will and Testament. I own a business and now I have peace of mind that my affairs are in order. Jodene visited me at my place of business after which she emailed my draft promptly, completed both my Husband and my papers within 2 to 3 days and charged me a nominal fee for her expertise.I would highly recommend Cilliers Attorneys to family and friends"

Catherine-Anne McCarthy

"I would like to thank Cilliers Attorneys for the professional, confidential and caring manner in which my Last Will and Testament and Trust was drawn up and handled. Thank you so much!"

Cindy Waksman

"Jodene of Cilliers Attorneys drew up my Will and Trust in the event of something happening to myself and my Husband to ensure that our son would be cared for. There is so much involved with Wills and Trusts that I didn't know and which would have created major problems and loop holes in the event of something happening to us. Jodene has an amazing way of putting all the facts on the table, in a way that a lay man can understand, and provided expert advice and guidance every step of the way. Cilliers attorneys are a pleasure to deal with, extremely professional and I highly recommend their services

Deirdre Pedersen

My Husband and I used Cilliers Attorneys to draw up our wills and to create a trust for our children. Jodene was so knowledgeable and patiently answered our questions professionally, offering us advice when we were unsure of how to proceed. She was so efficient and had everything ready for signing within a few days of us beginning the process. She is an expert in her field and I cannot recommend her highly enough

Tom and Brittany Coetzee

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