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B.Com Law Degree, LLB Degree, Higher Diploma in Tax Law

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As a Law Firm Partner, Jodene heads up the Estate Planning Department and oversees the Conveyancing Departments of the firm. Jodene's modern day thinking combined with her knowledge, professionalism, integrity and passion for law has resulted in two of the most sought after departments being created in her firm.


B.Com Law Degree (UJ);

LLB Degree (UJ);

H.Dip Tax Law (UJ) - Jodene studied this two year course simultaneously with her last two years of her LLB degree and was the youngest student in her class;

Admitted Attorney in South Africa;

Obtained Rights of Appearance in the High Court;

Founder and Partner of Cilliers Attorneys.


Jodene has obtained a wide variety of experience in her career, proving to be invaluable in the law profession. Although she could have chosen various fields of law to follow as she had the experience, Jodene chose to be a responsible attorney and specialise in a field that she is passionate about.  Upon opening Cilliers Attorneys, she became an Estate Planning Specialist. She is currently the Head of the Estate Planning Department and oversees the Conveyancing Department of the Firm.

2006 and 2007

  • During the last two years of her studies, Jodene did vocational law work every Friday for two years at a large law firm . Jodene shadowed various attorneys during her two years of vocational work. She put in the grit required, without compensation, to stand out and was rewarded with articles at the firm, the following year in 2008.


  • Worked pro bono at the Central Divorce Court, Johannesburg CBD.

  • Worked pro bono in the Domestic Violence department of the Johannesburg Family Court, Johannesburg CBD.

2008 and 2009 

  • Attended to Third Party Motor Vehicle claims for the largest insurance companies in South Africa and managed the trials thereof from the drafting of the letter of demand, to the issuing of summons, up to and including the final judgement and/or settlement at court.

  • Attended to obtaining various default judgements at both the Johannesburg High Court and Pretoria High Court. Liaised with the Registrars of the High Court.

  • Appeared weekly at court in front of various Magistrates and managed some of the motion court rolls for her firm. The following motion court rolls were her responsibility to manage and to appear at on behalf of her firm: Johannesburg Magistrate Court, Boksburg Magistrate Court, Benoni Magistrate Court, Randburg Magistrate Court and on a few occasions the Alberton Magistrate Court, Springs Magistrate Court and Kempton Magistrate Court.

  • Attended to various foreclosure auctions across Gauteng at the relevant Sheriff's offices, as a representative of the top South African banks. She ensured the relevant bank obtained the required price at the auction and would bid on their behalf.

  • Attended to maintenance issues at the Johannesburg Family Court.

  • Attended to the taxing of bill of costs in front of the Taxing Master at both the Johannesburg High Court and Pretoria High Court.

  • Mentored by a tax advocate, assisted in the drafting of tax opinions, attended various meetings with clients in relation to tax issues and attended meetings at SARS offices on behalf of clients.

2010 to 2014

  • Obtained invaluable experience by working under and being mentored by the top estate planning lawyer in South Africa.

  • Experienced gained in drafting of trust deeds, dealing with issues in trust deeds, amending of trust deeds, appointment of trustees, resignation of trustees and managing disgruntled trustees and/or beneficiaries.

  • Attended meetings with various Master's of the High Court including the Chief Master of the High Court in Pretoria, to discuss trust issues.

  • Regularly attended the international Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners meetings, with her mentor.

  • Assisted in drafting articles for various law publications including the UK publication PCA. 

  • Compiled the slides and presentations for numerous trust seminars.

  • Attended to trust litigation in the High Court, from issuing of summons up until and including final judgement and/or settlement.

  • Experienced gained in drafting of Antenuptial Contracts;

  • Experienced gained in drafting of Wills, amending of Wills and reviewing of Wills.

  • Experienced gained in drafting of various Contracts.

2014 to current year

  • She founded Cilliers Attorneys™ in 2014. Her husband later joined the Firm as a Partner in 2017. This year she celebrates her firm being 10 years old!

  • Appointed as a lecturer to law students in 2015 and 2016. Jodene taught Law of Evidence, Introduction to Legal Studies and Administrative law.

  • Elected as Vice President of Legacy - BNI, South Africa in 2017. The largest Business Network International Chapter in Africa. An organisation of various business owners.

  • Experienced gained in the transferring of properties under one of the most experienced Conveyancer's in South Africa, who holds more than 26 years of experience.

  • Oversees the Conveyancing Department;

  • Head of the Estate Planning Department.

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